Alexandre Tehoval

Heilpraktiker & state-approved Osteopath

  • Born in Bucharest in 1945, raised in Paris.
  • Following university matriculation (1965, Strasbourg), Sociology/Ethnology studies at the Sorbonne (Paris, 1968).
  • Foundation and management in 1971 of the first vegetarian restaurant and organic produce outlet (“La Source”) in Strasbourg.
  • 1983 to 1988, professional musician (C.Dingler, “Femme Libérée”) in Paris and Strasbourg.
  • Experience and learning of the Mézières method and other techniques.
  • Experience of self-healing using various naturopathic methods.
  • Training as an alternative practitioner (3-year full-time course) at Hessische Heilpraktikerschule Hochheim (1992-1995).
  • Further training and osteopathy studies (5 years, extra-occupational), and teaching assistance at College Sutherland.
  • Since 1996 alternative practitioner in Frankfurt, and osteopath since 2000.
  • In the meantime participation in various further training courses and working groups in the field of osteopathy as well as several trips studying ayurvedic medicine and yoga in India.
  • I returned to Strasbourg at the beginning of 2020 after 24 successful years of practicing in Frankfurt.