Practice for Osteopathy & Naturopathy

what is osteopathy, osteopathie, Naturopath, Heilpraktiker, state-approved, Osteopath

version_2_webThe main focus is on osteopathic medicine: A trained instrument for diagnosis and therapy whereby the hand feels and conveys, perceives and acts (treats).
The treatment is adapted to each individual, according to it’s own “rhythm” and “tissue”, and takes place in a holistic manner, using a rhythmic sequence of coordinated joint mobilization measures which address all bodily tissues and regions, from head to toe, from the surface to deep within the body.
The primary objective is the diagnostic registration and redemption of restricted movement (blockades) of the spinal column and extremities, as well as the loosening and relaxation of the muscles and ligaments so as to decrease the pressure exerted by tissue on vertebral discs and articular surfaces.
This allows for all the organism’s flow systems to be dynamized: circulation, lymph flow, information (nerves), energy (meridians, chakras…) and thus aids the body’s self-healing powers.
In addition to osteopathic treatment
proven therapeutic methods from traditional naturopathic medicine are used if necessary:
– Herbal medicine and supplementary homeopathic therapeutic solutions.
– Cupping therapy, autohemotherapy and neural therapeutic treatment, pain therapy.
– Homeopathic drainage, detoxification, regeneration regimens, oxygen therapies…
Primarily ailments involving the musculoskeletal system: back pain, neck pain, painful joints, chronic tension…
as well as headaches, migraine, neuralgia, digestion problems, menstrual problems…
Severe disease symptoms with structural damage or states of exhaustion, acute inflammatory disease, and severe degenerative and tumor diseases require further clarification and conventional therapies.


Each treatment costs € 60.


Possibly treatments are reimbursed by your statutory health insurance company. The French “Sécurité sociale” does not cover the costs.